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Sugar Land Security (SLS) Global Protection is proud to be locally owned and operated out of Houston, Texas. Our management has over 15 years experience in Law Enforcement and has successfully maintained secured a diversity of locations for our clients in Houston and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide professional and reliable security services that not only secure our clients properties, but that enhance the performance of our clients’ operations. We believe our commitment to building partnerships with our customers, and our dedication to our meticulous employee on-boarding process, allows us to deliver effective world-class security services to every client regardless of their industry.

George Aguirre, Owner
We have been using Sugar Land Security for over 2 years and have always been completed satisfied. The fact that we have been in business for 36 years and have a loyal customer following, it was very important that we partner with a company that reflected the same Customer Value Proposition of: Hospitality, Service and Visual Integrity.
JONATHAN LOPEZ, Lopez Mexican Restaurant
Licensed by the Texas Private Security Bureau, LIC #B-18399

Our Process

Sugar Land Security (SLS) Global Protection trains guards to deliver top notch security. You get quality, professional security services because we employ quality, professional people. We start by choosing the right officers and follow up with intensive training.

Sugar Land Security (SLS) Global Protection Services Selective Guard Hiring Process

We are proud to say, we created our own guidelines and policies for background checks and eligibility qualifications that in most instances exceed, the requirements of the state and municipalities in which we operate. We develop in our employees by offering extensive training such as:

  • OC Spray,
  • Baton,
  • Hand Cuff Techniques,
  • Tactical Firearm,
  • First Responder
  • and Hand to Hand Combat training.

We invest in our security personnel to develop their careers and satisfy the needs of our clients.


To ensure that our guards meet our standards, Sugar Land Security (SLS) Global Protection utilizes a rigorous hiring process to evaluate the background checks, work experience, and educational history of every potential hire.

Once we’re sure we’ve selected a quality officer, we train them in our specific security methods and tactics including education and instruction on:

  • Crime prevention,
  • Crime awareness,
  • Emergency response,
  • Use of force.
Sugar Land Security (SLS) Global Protection Services